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So how can one go about stopping oneself from participating within pornography? Obviously first and foremost there has to be a self-directed decision made to stop. However, by just making this decision, doesn’t mean that one will not participate within it any longer. You have to live this decision in every moment when you are faced with the urge to participate. So step one is making the decision, and step two is living it. What is meant by ‘living it’? What is one living?

It’s cool to say ‘I will not allow myself to participate any further’, but it is crucial to understand that in order for you to take back your power as directive principle with regards to pornography, you have to actually face what you have accepted and allowed and move yourself to clearing out all of the misunderstandings and separations you have allowed to exist within you in terms of your relationship with sex, porn and masturbation. Start by investigating the points for yourself through writing out your relationship with sex, porn and masturbation. Through this you can take each point on its own and bring it back to yourself in order to correct it. You will never be able to change a pattern if you have not realized and seen what it is that the pattern manifests as consequence as well as how it is that you allowed yourself to participate within it in the first place.

We have separated ourselves so much from the true expression of sexuality through allowing pictures and fantasies to direct our expression instead of being one and equal with our bodies HERE in the physical. We have these warped ideas about what the physical enjoys and this we have adopted through the porn culture which has basically infiltrated and directed multiple beings lives’.

Understand that you have trained your physical body through masturbating to pornography into a false sense of sexuality. Which means, that which you have experienced with masturbation and your idea of sexuality and what is really involved, is false.

So start with investigating all of these falsities one by one for yourself as they exist within you, and from this, after you have seen how the falsity exists inside you, you can then direct yourself to not allow it again but to instead investigate and apply what is real and physical.  Practice moving from interacting with your mind to interacting with the physical when you sexually express yourself, whether it be with your partner, or when you are by yourself masturbating.

Look at the physical separation in this scenario. When you masturbate to your imaginations in your mind, and you focus on a person and pretend or make-believe or imagine that you are having some form of sexual experience with this person…. Where are you within all of this? You are not here in your physical body exploring yourself in the physical touch or physical sensations which occur when you touch yourself…. You are out theeeerrreee in this little picture in your head.

Porn Addicts Journey to Life is written by a Group of people who have all walked through Addiction to Porn, Sex and Masturbation through the tools shared by Desteni. We share our perspectives and experiences with Porn to Support those who are ready to take the next step to Stop the Addiction to Porn.

Who we are doesn’t matter because we’re the same as you. We write anonymously because of where the world is at today in relation to porn and because of the understanding and the persecution that follow porn addicts. We write anonymously so that we can share the unfiltered truth about life as a porn addict, so that it may assist and support those who are still trapped in the addiction to porn.

Below are a few interviews which will assist greatly in providing you with an understanding of the design of sex, masturbation and pornography, as well as provide supportive guidelines for you to apply to assist and support yourself within your journey of changing your relationship with sex from existing within your mind as pictures to a physical relationship.

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Also check out the Facebook page Porn Alt Delete and watch the live google hangouts on Pornography.

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